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IELTS test fees

The IELTS test fee is NAD 3900

IELTS UKVI fee is NAD 3560

IELTS Life Skills fee is NAD 2670

Test dates and locations

You can take the IELTS test in Windhoek.  

Places are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend that candidates register two months before their chosen test date but places may be available after this date. 

The location of the venue will be communicated to candidates one week before the exam date.

For further information, please contact the British Council Namibia directly.

Available test dates

The tables below show the available upcoming written test dates in Namibia. 

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Venue: Windhoek, Goethe Centre, 1-5 Fidel Castro Street

Test Date Module Registration Deadline Register
27/04/2019 IELTS Academic 17/04/2019 Apply now
27/04/2019 IELTS General Training 17/04/2019 Apply now
11/05/2019 IELTS Academic 01/05/2019 Apply now
11/05/2019 IELTS General Training 01/05/2019 Apply now
01/06/2019 IELTS Academic 22/05/2019 Apply now
01/06/2019 IELTS General Training 22/05/2019 Apply now
29/06/2019 IELTS Academic 19/06/2019 Apply now
29/06/2019 IELTS General Training 19/06/2019 Apply now
27/07/2019 IELTS Academic 17/07/2019 Apply now
27/07/2019 IELTS General Training 17/07/2019 Apply now
17/08/2019 IELTS Academic 07/08/2019 Apply now
17/08/2019 IELTS General Training 07/08/2019 Apply now
28/09/2019 IELTS Academic 18/09/2019 Apply now
28/09/2019 IELTS General Training 18/09/2019 Apply now
12/10/2019 IELTS Academic 02/10/2019 Apply now
12/10/2019 IELTS General Training 02/10/2019 Apply now
26/10/2019 IELTS Academic 16/10/2019 Apply now
26/10/2019 IELTS General Training 16/10/2019 Apply now
23/11/2019 IELTS Academic 13/11/2019 Apply now
23/11/2019 IELTS General Training 13/11/2019 Apply now
07/12/2019 IELTS Academic 27/11/2019 Apply now
07/12/2019 IELTS General Training 27/11/2019 Apply now